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On this page you will find free downloadable PDFs for teachers, librarians, parents,  and guardians that teach children about Halloween safety, bullying, and the alphabet.

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what is bullying

The “What is Bullying” free downloadable PDF defines bullying and includes 12 yes or no questions that can help children understand the difference between kindness and bullying. Also in the PDF are lists of characteristics for what a bully does and what a friend does. What is Bullying?

missing alphabet worksheets

The “Missing Alphabet Worksheets” free downloadable PDF consists of the two worksheets that are included in Elaine Kaye’s picture story book The Missing Alphabet. One worksheet allows children to fill in objects they find around their home that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Missing Alphabet Worksheets

halloween safety tips

The “Halloween Safety Tips” free downloadable PDF is a list of 10 Do’s and Dont’s for children, parents, and guardians to follow on Halloween to stay safe. A few tips are silly and relate to the story, Halloween Ride. Halloween Safety Tips