Fairy Words


Batty Eye – a facial expression of disgust or distrust.

Boggarts – evil spirits that cause mischief in houses, from spoiling milk to kidnapping children. They also live in marshes and fields.

Boogles – darn it, dang it.

Brownies – industrious fairies that help in farms and houses.

Dandelion Down – the white, fuzzy seeds that sprout on dandelions and get carried by the wind. Humans often make wishes on them, but fairies use them to communicate over distances.

Fauns – half-human, half-goat. They protect wildlife of the woods and fields.

Fern School – where all the young fairies go to learn how to be good fairies.

Flea Fit – an outburst of anger.

Flower Fairies – plant spirits that live and sleep in their own special flower. They even wear dresses to match the flowers they care for.

Flutters – what the girl members of the Flutter Club call themselves.

Fuddlebug – similar to “boogles,” it means “shoot” or “crude.”

Gnomes – earth spirits that live underground.

Goblins – scary-looking, mischievous creatures that are greedy for gold, jewelry, and anything that sparkles.

Gravel City – at the base of a mountain, this is where stone fairies live. They love gemstones and rocks of all kinds.

Moon’s Day – the Greeks’ name for Monday.

Nutter Mills – the factory where fairy clothes and furniture are manufactured.

Ogres – cannibalistic, brutish monsters with human features.

Okum Sokum – pronounced oh-com so-com, it is the Flutter’s rallying cheer and means “YESSSSSSS!!!!”

Saturn’s Day – the Greeks’ name for Saturday.

Sparkles Factory – the factory where all fairy dust is created.

Speckles – amber pieces of fossilized tree sap used as money.

Sun’s Day – the Greeks’ name for Sunday.

Troop – a group of fairies.

Thistledown – the fluffy-like material that protects thistles.

Tinselville – a fairyland located in an enchanted forest where all fairies, good and bad, dwell.

Trolls – unfriendly creatures that dwell in mountains and caves.

Twisty – a tornado

Petal Patch – where all of the flower fairies in Tinselville live.

Pine Cone Grove – this is where Thistle, her family, and all of the flutters live. It is the hub of Tinselville where all fairies can live in harmony.

Pixies – house fairies that only wear green and love their pointed hats.