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Hi! My name is Sammy, and I am a teddy bear.

My human is a little boy named Gregory Green.

He’s at school right now, so he doesn’t know I am taking over Elaine Kaye’s website.

Ssh! Can you keep my secret?

You can? Yay!

Wait! Hold on a second. What about me??


Hello there! My name is Thistle Greenbud, and I am a fairy.

I live in Tinsleville, which is in Fairyland. I am the president of the Flutter Club and go to Fern School.

Many call me Bad Fairy, but I’m not a bad fairy. Really. I’m not!

To read my story, GO HERE.


Well, we better let Elaine Kaye introduce herself.

Thank you, Sammy and Thistle. That is kind of you.

This is Sammy the Teddy Bear again. I removed Elaine Kaye’s real photo, because this is how I see her…ANIMATED. Like me!                                                                                    Thistle here. I think she needs fairy wings. Do you agree?

Elaine Kaye is the author of A Gregory Green Adventure Series. She first created Gregory Green after her son, who loved her homemade pea soup, thus inspiring the story Pea Soup Disaster. He had a Cabbage Patch doll named Sammy, and that’s how Sammy the teddy bear came to be.

Kaye has worked as a library assistant and teacher’s assistant in elementary schools in the Sunshine State. She currently lives in Florida, but she has called Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Okinawa, Japan home. She is a grandmother of three boys.

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