Bad Fairy


Title: Bad Fairy
Series: A Bad Fairy Adventure (Book One)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy Middle Grade (Ages 8-12)

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BLURB: Thistle Greenbud is not a bad fairy. She simply doesn’t like rules, and it’s just her luck that her homework is to create a new rule for the fairy handbook. But first, she has more important things to do. Like figure out how to get back at Dusty and Moss for playing tricks on her.

Before she can carry out her plan, though, disaster strikes and she finds herself working alongside the very fairies she wanted revenge on. Can they work together and trust each other, or will things go from bad to worse?




As we watch the boys, the wind picks up, making the fern lay flat, exposing us. We gasp and make a dash for the closest tree. Behind it, we huddle together.

“Boogles! A branch just hit me,” Weedy says.

The sky turns black. Wind swirls dust and leaves, and spits pebbles at us. This is not good. We have to get going now or else our payback will get blown away.

“Let’s go!” I scream and lead the group from behind the tree, but the wind makes it hard for us to move forward.

Rose and Lilly grab hands as they run, screaming, toward the creek. Lacey stumbles over a fallen twig, landing flat and hitting her face hard on the ground. When she doesn’t move, I race to her as sand and pine needles prick my skin.

I help Lacey to her feet. Luckily, she only has a few cuts on her face. A tiny bit of blood streaks down her forehead. She looks at me. Fear is bright in her eyes. She needs help. We all need help. I peer toward the creek. The boys are still there, frantically trying to lift the bag full of stones.

Shouting a warning and waving my arms, I hurry to the creek, trying to get their attention. Finally, Dusty sees me. He looks as if he’s been caught with his hand in the pixie jar.

I point to the sky and wave them to come our way. Rain starts to fall. Dusty pulls Moss from the creek. Fat drops of water pelt my head and wings as I wait for the boys to reach me.

“It must be a twisty!” Dusty screams. “We better find shelter.”


“This bright and whimsical tale of fairies, brownies, trolls, and more carries many messages within its fun pages. The characters are, of course, cute but they also have substance. This is definitely not a 2-dimensional sugar-coated work of fluff, even though finishing this story will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over.” – Toi Thomas, reviewer at Lit Carnival

“This book is Junie B Jones meet Babysitter Club’s with some pixie dust and fairy magic mixed in to it.” – Joy Z., NetGalley Reviewer

“The adventure is short, sweet and simple but has a great moral to it. The word building is fantastic and the little land of fantasy and adventure is so cleverly plotted and planned out.” – Natalie H., NetGalley Reviewer

“The book yanks the reader to the land of fairies, allowing them to experience the magical world and the adventure that lies in it. […] The best thing about this piece is the fact that it comes with several beautiful lessons that are not difficult to dig out, and are important for children and adults alike.” – Afifa S. R., NetGalley Reviewer

“It was a perfect book. I loved it so much, and I know that children would love reading this, too. It was such a wholesome and wondrous fairy world.” –  Joey-Susan L., NetGalley Reviewer


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Character-Illustration 1 example
My original drawing of Thistle.
Illustration of Thistle by Daniel Ayres.